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Suede Banjo Cradle Strap Ends. Two Sets.

Set of Two Tan Suede Banjo Cradle Strap Ends.

  • 2 Pairs of Suede Ends (One Thicker, One Thinner) That Fit Twin Saints Leather Banjo Cradle Strap Bodies

  • Versatile To Fit a Wide Variety of Banjos

This set of strap ends will allow you to change the look and fit of your banjo cradle strap.  This set comes with both double thickness and single thickness suede ends that are both approximately 5/8" wide.  The thinner strap ends are useful for fitting through instruments with narrow brackets. The double thickness strap ends can be used a variety of ways, but are particularly helpful in supporting heavier instruments, and are a bit more substantial 1/8" thickness. This set of strap ends includes one lace and two zip ties for attachment.

Remember, leather and suede are natural materials and subject to wear - be sure to inspect your strap frequently to ensure that it is in good condition. 

Check our Fit Video for attachment suggestions. 

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