FAQ's: Twin Saints Leather Instrument Straps Information and Fit Video

At Twin Saints Leather, our leather banjo and instrument straps are a labor of love.  One of our founders, Greg Horgan, discovered the joy of playing banjo after two decades of fooling around with other instruments.  The son of a first generation Irish father and a mother with deep Appalachian roots, Greg describes discovering the banjo as, “A homecoming.  Both of my parents loved folk music, and my dad would sing to us the songs he learned from his parents.  For me, there was an almost primal connection to traditional music that has brought my life a lot of joy and closer to things that I have great affection for.”

In keeping with the sharing spirit that is at the very roots of the tradition of the banjo, we created a line of straps that draw from the unique contribution we can offer as full-time career leather workers.  There are straps made by instrument companies, there are straps made by companies with a huge roster of different styles, we make only a few styles of straps for players looking for something a little different.  We know about leather; we make the best straps based on what we know. 

For a video on various ways to fit your leather banjo strap, please click the video below.