The Casey: A Versatile Banjo Cradle Strap.


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      This Versatile Banjo Cradle Strap Comes with Two Separate Strap End Styles to Fit a Wider Variety of Banjos.

      • This strap comes with both double thickness and single thickness suede ends that are both approximately 5/8" wide. 

      • The thinner strap ends are useful for fitting through instruments with narrow brackets.  The double thickness strap ends can be used a variety of ways, but are particularly helpful in supporting heavier instruments, and are a bit more substantial 1/8" thickness. 

      The body of the Casey strap is made with a soft leather shoulder pad made from distinctive dark brown pull-up leather and backed in light sand suede. The body is approximately 2 1/4" wide. This strap includes laces and two zip ties for attachment.

      Remember, leather and suede are natural materials and subject to wear - be sure to inspect your strap frequently to ensure that it is in good condition. 

      Check our Fit Video for attachment suggestions.  

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