The Clifton: A Bridle Leather Banjo Strap

The Clifton is a Sturdy Bridle Leather Banjo Strap Made Using Heavy 9-10 oz Leather. 

  • Bridle leather is the material typically used for horse tack, so this strap is designed for extra sturdy use. 

  • Whether for a heavier banjo or just a classic look, this strap is a great choice for a player who is looking for a rugged touch. 

It also features a sturdy 5/8” strap ends that can be easily modified to attach to your instrument in a variety of ways.  Please check our Fit Video for attachment suggestions.

This strap includes a set of laces for attachment.

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This item is ready to ship in 3-5 business days. Please send us a message at if you would like more information.