About Us

These days, it seems like every company in America has a cutesy origin story.  We don't have one of these stories.  We are a real American leather company that seeks to maintain the tradition of American manufacturing with as little new economy fluff as we can manage. Our business was started the old fashioned way, with years of hard work, and more elbow grease than capital.  Over time, because we did things right, we grew, and started to establish relationships with seasoned tack and saddle makers to help manage the work we were unable to do ourselves. 

We strive live and work in as straightforward a manner as possible.  Our products are made by dedicated American craftspeople who are fairly compensated for their time and knowledge.  We use top quality materials.  We stand behind what we sell.  We work hard to improve every day.  We sincerely hope you love what you find on our site.  If you do, please tell a friend and connect with us on social media.  

Visit our sister site, www.fourrobins.com to see even more of our leather valets and home decor products.  Thank you for visiting!