Since 2010, Twin Saints Leather, has manufactured distinctive leather gifts and home accents for customers around the world. Our work has been featured in major decorative art exhibitions, and has appeared in dozens of media outlets.  We have also made corporate gifts for companies as small as regional insurance firms and as large as major automakers.  We are proud to maintain the historic traditions of leather craft and work hard to improve every day.  You can take a look at some of our other creative projects, here.  We hope you find something you'll love on our site.  Thanks for visiting! 

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Our Founder

Twin Saints Leather was founded by Nicole R Horgan, a noted artisan with nearly three decades of experience as a working artist.  Her creative work has been selected for exhibition at numerous prominent shows of decorative art and is part of many significant collections.  Nicole holds a bachelor’s in fine art from the Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Fine Art from Boston University.  

What Makes Twin Saints Leather Different? 

In 2012, a collection of hand painted leather chairs designed by our founder had a moment of internet fame after images of them were shared to Reddit and reached the front page.  After this exposure, our company was asked to undertake several important commissions.  We were invited to make event favors for the executive team of the world’s largest automaker and design a series of store displays for a Japanese jewelry store chain.  

Around this same time, we developed our line of hard formed vegetable tanned leather trays.  Hard forming leather is an ancient technique and widely used in the creation of utility products like saddles and holsters. Our embossed trays with our own proprietary designs proved quite popular and inspired many copycats.

Just as subtle differences separate basic transportation from luxury vehicles, the difference between our products and their inferior copies come down to three factors, materials, experience, and expertise.  We craft our trays exclusively from the highest quality domestically raised and sourced cowhide, tanned to our exacting specifications.  Forming leather is physically demanding as the base material is highly variable and physically difficult to squeeze properly to take on a consistent shape.  A key to this process is knowing how wet to make the raw leather to allow it to dry properly and not deform.  This is a truly artisan process, which takes significant time to gain an instinct for.  The learning curve for the exact nature of this craft can be difficult to learn, even for experience leather workers.  Finally, we are experts in dye and pigment.  Our founder is a consultant on the development of new dye techniques, has years of formal training in these subjects from her educational background, and years of working with them professionally.

The result is that Twin Saints Leather trays, gifts and organization solutions are genuinely unlike others on the market.  As a gift for others, or even yourself, they are a symbol an appreciation of craft, expertise, and knowledge that is not easily acquired.

Does Twin Saints Leather Operate a Retail Store?

Twin Saints Leather does not have a physical location that is open to customers.  We operate our leather shop on a parcel of land that was once owned by famed American inventor, John Roebling, the designer of the Brooklyn Bridge.  Our location houses our final finishing and production space, our art studio, and our personal residence.  Because we live on the property, we do not accept visitors. 

Where Does the Name Twin Saints Leather Come From?

Twin Saints refers to the historic Christian Saints Crispin and Crispinian.  It is believed that these twin saints were added to the pantheon of Catholic Saints around the time the Roman Empire broadly adopted Christianity.  In modern times, Crispin and Crispinian are not believed to have been actual persons, but rather, a modernization of older Roman household gods revered by individuals in the ancient leather trade.  We chose the name Twin Saints Leather to honor the ancient traditions of our craft.  The name Twin Saints Leather and our logo are registered trademarks. 

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