Belt Sizing

Follow one of the methods below to help choose the correct size for your Twin Saints Leather Belt. 

1. Choose a belt size 2" larger than your jean size (if your jeans size is 30", choose a 32" belt).   

2. Measure your favorite current belt from where the leather wraps around the buckle to the most used fit hole.  Choose a belt size closest to this measurement
Belt Sizing. Twin Saints leather.
3. Measure your waist in the spot where you will be wearing your belt.  Choose a belt size that is closest to this measurement. 


Our belts have 5 fit holes. The size that you choose will be the location of the center fit hole (a size "32" has fit holes at 30", 31", 32", 33" & 34"). 

The table below shows the belt size that corresponds to your current jean size as well as waist measurement range. 

Belt Sizing Table

*Please note that belts are not returnable. Please see above for choosing the correct size or contact us at with any questions.