Fantasy Game Leather Dice Tray

Handcrafted Leather Dice Tray

Unleash Your Imagination with our Premium Hexagonal Dice Tray!

Designed for tabletop role-playing game aficionados, this tray is the ultimate companion for your next adventure!

Join the league of discerning gamers who demand the best. Upgrade your tabletop journey with our hexagonal dice tray, where quality meets adventure!

Each tray is handcrafted and finished in our workshop using American cowhide.  The interior is dyed dark tan and the underside and hand-burnished edges are dyed black.  Also available in solid black, here.

Approximate dimensions are 9.5" across from corner to corner, or 8.5" from side to side at the top, outer edge.  Interior measurements are approximately 7.5" from corner to corner, or 6.5" across from side to side.  This valet is approximately 1.5" deep. 

This item is ready to ship in 3-5 business days. Please send us a message at if you would like more information. 

* This tray should not be used for wet items. 

*does not include dice.