Forest Green Celtic Leather Dog Collar

Hand Dyed, Embossed Celtic Leather Dog Collar with Brass or Silver Buckle

Our 1" collar is constructed of hand dyed leather in forest green, and has been decorated with a hand embossed Celtic pattern. The pattern is further emphasized with deeper blue/green.  For a full selections of our handcrafted collars, visit our Etsy Shop, Four Robins Ltd, here

  • 1" wide collar made to fit dogs with neck sizes from 13" - 24" (see sizing below)

  • Choice of brass or silver hardware

  • Hand dyed and embossed.  Ready to ship in 3-5 business days.

Medium: 13"-17" (holes at 13",14",15",16" & 17")
Large: 16"-20" ( holes at 16", 17",18",19" & 20")
Large+:18"-22" (holes at 18", 19", 20", 21", &22")
XLarge: 20"-24" (holes at 20",21",22", 23",&24")

For best fit, choose a collar with middle hole(s) closest in size to your pet's neck measurement.


1. Measure your pet's current collar from the middle of the buckle to the hole currently used
2. Measure with a fabric tape measure around the base of your pet's neck - or where -the typically wear their collar - with enough room for two fingers between the measuring tape and the pet.

*Please note:  Collars are not returnable and cannot be refunded.  Due to the handmade nature of the collars, please allow for some natural variation in color/pattern. 

Leather is a porous material and is not waterproof.  Like all natural dyed leather, it is optimal to keep your collar as dry as possible. Although our collars are sealed to protect them during normal use, it not recommended that you submerge your leather collars or allow them  to remain wet. Collars that regularly become wet may become darkened or discolored or lose dye.