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The Traditional Third Anniversary Gift

Leather is the traditional Third Anniversary Gift. At Twin Saints Leather, we make Leather Anniversary
Gifts that are distinctive, durable and unique. Our primary product to celebrate this special occasion is
our leather valet trays. These trays are made from vegetable tanned leather, which differs from the
chrome tanned garment leather used in coats and handbags. Vegetable Tanning is ancient practice
which uses natural plant tannins to tan cowhide over a long period of time. There are two advantages
to this process. First, it renders the leather firm and pliable. This allows us to form our valet trays into
their rigid shape. We often describe the firmness of our finished product as something close to a horse
saddle or holster, other products that are also made from vegetable tanned leather. A second major
advantage of vegetable tanned leather is that this tanning process produces a tiny fraction of the toxic
byproduct associated with modern chemical tanning. Our hides are tanned in the USA to the highest
environmental standards. It is a sad truth that many other makers of leather goods have actually left
this county in order to purposely bypass our environmental regulations.
All of our Leather anniversary gifts ship direct from our Pennsylvania workshop where they are crafted
with care by craftspeople concerned with upholding the traditions of craft. Properly forming rigid
leather is a difficult process. It requires a knowledge of the material and strong hands. We were
amongst the very first to reintroduce this type of formed leather tray when we started producing them
nearly a decade ago, and since then, have accumulated many imitators. We are distinct because we
have the skill and personnel to create our trays consistently. In fact, we are proud to say that some of
our partner craftspeople are third generation leatherworkers. Their skill has helped us to earn
thousands of satisfied customers around the world.